Conserving the ‘spirit’ of Kromme for present and future generations.


Humansdorp District Eastern Cape



The conservancy lies on the peninsula bounded by the Kromme and Geelhoutboom rivers in the Humansdorp District of the Eastern Cape.


This land was purchased in the 1940s by Dr Frederick William Morrison and at that time, was part of the farm Eastcot. Fred Morrison subsequently subdivided the land into 16 plots ranging in size from 4 – 21.4 hectares. The current conservancy consists of 15 of these plots and covers an area of approximately 148 hectares.


Although Fred Morrison was an avid naturalist he was unfamiliar with the term ‘environmental conservation’, the concept of which only developed in the 1970s when he was already an old man. However, he always had a very deep love for the Kromme region and fully appreciated the wildlife and the beauty of this unique area. He inspired a similar love in both his children.


As human pressure in the area increased it became more and more obvious that serious action needed to be taken to preserve what was left. With this in mind, Fred’s daughter, Gay, approached all the landowners on the peninsula with the suggestion that they form a conservancy. Upon everyone’s agreement, the documents were drawn up and submitted to the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism. The first conservancy meeting was held on the 3rd January 2005, with the formal registration certificate signed by the Minister in 2009.


In the ensuing years, a comprehensive database of the flora and fauna species found on the peninsula has been created by the willing participation and documentation of the members, the compilation of which has been managed by Gay.


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Photographs courtesy of Martheanne Finnemore.



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